About Cyber Security Policies

Cyber Security Policies is an online resource for micro businesses to adopt a simple cyber security policy and related security controls. This website's mission is to provide educational and useful web resources to help people and businesses make strides with their cyber security effort.

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What is the purpose of this website?

G5 Cyber Security provides online resources to help small, informal but ambitious Caribbean businesses to join the Cyber Security effort without complicated processes. As a result, this site was created which provides some basic management level statements and related security controls. These statements and controls can be quickly implemented to move a small business with weak and ineffective computer security to reasonable and practical security.

This website divided into two (2) guides:

  • A micro Policy - a concise and simply worded 2-page policy which communicated the business' direction about computer security to its staff.
  • Security Controls - a set of actions which support the micro Policy to ensure the policy can be effective to protect the business.

Download the full kit for Free

This policy and the associated controls are available as separate editable Microsoft Word documents. If you found this useful, please Contact Us and tell us.

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